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SnapChat Marketing

Snapchat offers a mobile-only application where people can share instant photos and videos, and thereby their experiences and emotions of the moment. The network’s founders call such content “ephemeral”; it disappears after 10 seconds of being viewed. Snapchat has added what it calls “Stories,” a collection of photos or “snaps” and video that can be viewed for 24 hours. The introduction of Stories has turned the network from a solely private one into one of interest to brands.

Digital Strategy Gold Coast

Only a handful of businesses on the Gold Coast have in fact a digital strategy. Learn why this should be the foundation of your marketing activities.

Weekly Social Media Wrap Up

Check out what has happened this week in the social media galaxy. Every week we publish our ‘Weekly Social Media Wrap Up’ brought to you by the Media Bootcamp.

Pin It Button for WordPress

Pinning has just become easier with the Pin It Button for Wordpress. Check this tutorial to learn how you can install it yourself on your website.

Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Management is constant work and there is a lot you can optimise to make your marketing strategy work. Let us give you some inspiration and helpful tools to work on your content strategy.