Want to know how Social Media changed our life?

Social networks have changed our lives, and this is an indisputable fact. However, there are people who could not live without their daily social media check and others who would rather no have known about their existence.

Here some interesting social media facts you normally never hear about:

As an example, 73% of respondents admit that they panic when they do not know where the smartphone is, and 54% admit that they often look at it when they are in bed, and 45% are concerned or feel uncomfortable when Facebook is not working.
Couples seem to be more satisfied than singles with their life on social media: while 74% of respondents considered that social networks have strengthened their relationship, 25% say that they have had some relationship problems due to “fighting online”.

On the other hand,  51% of people who participated in the survey have said that social networks have changed their lives in a bad way.

The infographic below illustrates 17 curious facts about Social Media that will make your hair stand up.


Social networks

Social networks


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