Some changes are coming to the Internet industry


As a fact, things are changing quickly in the social media and internet industry. Big Internet companies know that and they make big and visionary steps recently.

Let me give you some examples of what’s happening in the world of the global players:

Google buys Quest Visual, an augmented reality company. This app lets users translate signs with their smartphones cameras. Google´s final goal is to integrate it into Google Translate. More info here:


quest visual


Foursquare is now available on Google Glass and joins the range of benefits present within the popular device. Google said: 

Go to MyGlass today to add new Glassware from +TripIt, +Foursquare and +OpenTable. You will also find our travel favorites: Field Trip, Word Lens, Google Now, Search and Maps. Whether you’re trying to find your gate at the airport, the best coffee shop in Austin or a reservation for 2 in New York City, Glass has you covered. 

More info:

google glass


As promised, Foursquare has launched Swarm, a new app that lets you make plans with friends that are close to you. When checking in a neighborhood, friends close will receive a notification. More info:


Is Instagram´s move to replace Foursquare with Facebook places premature? Read here:

facebook places


Linkedin announces an alliance with Evernote to easily manage business cards!  As LinkedIn says:

members can scan a business card using Evernote’s mobile app and then directly connect with this contact on LinkedIn to maintain the new relationship.

More info:Linkedin and Evernote


Yahoo buys swelf-destructing messages app Blink. Read the info:

yahoo and blink


What do you think of these changes? Will they affect the way you use social media?