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Marketing Internship Gold Coast

Do you love marketing? If you are currently studying marketing, seeking a future career in marketing or public relations, and looking for some experience with an interactive shop, then we could be a match! Coalmarch, a web design and interactive marketing agency located in Varsity Lakes, is seeking a marketing intern.

You will work closely with the inbound marketing and strategy departments working on a variety of marketing related projects that will contribute to the final production of materials for clients.

This marketing internship is great for someone who wants to get experience in all areas of a marketing and website design agency.

So what are the details?
This position is 10 to 16 hours a week, with possibility for less or more hours depending on the intern’s availability.

Web Design Internship Gold Coast

The good news: Since the beginning of the year, we’ve become progressively busier.

The even better news: We need to add two web design interns to our team.

Could this be you, or do you know someone who fits the bill? If so, email through a brief cover letter accompanied by your resume and some examples of your recent design projects to

Habits of Creatives

Have you ever wondered how creatives make enough time in the day to eat, breathe, exercise and getting the creative juices flowing? You will be amazed by this facinating infographic.

How to find and keep donors?

Be on the webinar live to hear Sonja tell you why social media is an untapped resource that organisations are not using to its full potential. Are you using it effectively? If not, come along the webinar and find out why it’s not that hard or scary and could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your organisation.

When is the best time to pin on Pinterest?

Pinterest can be a great lead generation and traffic source. But when it comes to pinning, timing is crucial! No matter how great your meme or content is, it’s not going viral if nobody sees it. So, when is the best time to pin on Pinterest?

Brazil did NAZI that coming

Meanwhile on Facebook, the match prompted the highest number of interactions of all previous World Cup encounters with more than 60 million users having over 200 million interactions, according to Facebook’s Germany base.

Brazil vs Germany on Twitter

Let’s face it, there are a couple of things the Germans can do best: Building cars, brewing beer and SOCCER! Check out what happened on Twitter during the historical encounter of Brazil vs Germany!

Social Media Statistics Australia June 2014

Growth in user numbers is fairly static across the social networks in Australia. Blogging sites such as WordPress and Tumblr remain popular as some users shift from traditional social media channels to more creative platforms. Expect to see small movements up & down each month for the more popular social networks.

Father’s Day Humor

With More Dads Like These, the World Would Be a Better Place By Matt Branham Jun 13, 2014 Father's Day is quickly arriving on June 15, and as much as we love our dads, there are some guys out there who just make us wish they were our dads, too. No offense, Pops. Happy...

Weekly Social Media Wrap Up

As in previous weeks, we summarise what has been happening in social media around the globe during the last 7 days. Check out our ‘ Weekly Social Media Wrap Up ’. Have you noticed that Twitter has changed its web typography?   New Google Tool for users to remove...

The World Cup 2014 on Social Media

While soccer becomes the office topic number one these days, we were asking ourselves, how to you prepare yourself for the World Cup 2014? Our Media Bootcamp soccer correspondent Montse Vega from Spain can explain how to follow the World Cup 2014 via Social Media the most effective way!

Social Media Day Gold Coast

Social Media Day Gold Coast 2014. We are thrilled to celebrate Mashable's fifth annual Social Media Day aka #SMDay, ! Mashable launched this event in 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening around the world. For the first time, we are going to hold...

Start Up Event: Open Your Eyes to Cash

Open your eyes to cash. Open your Eyes to Cash is an event like no other. It will address the key issue faced by start-ups, small business, and innovators – the need for cash. Whether it is for survival or growth, the need for cash is ever present.Open your Eyes to...

Why you suck at content marketing

Photo courtesy of mkhmarketing(CC Attribution)If you have have followed this blog or have come to one of our Media Bootcamps, you know that your website and / or your blog is the core of your online eco-system. It is your 'source of truth', the only web asset you...

Facebook Reveals Decline of Organic Reach

Photo courtesy of josemanuelerre(CC No Derivatives)The biggest axe today’s marketers have to grind with Facebook is the decline of organic reach. As the percentage of a fan base reached through free posts dwindles into the single dights, many business owners are...