Meanwhile on Facebook, the match prompted the highest number of interactions of all previous World Cup encounters with more than 60 million users having over 200 million interactions, according to Facebook’s Germany base.

While Brazil went down with a whimper in Tuesday’s defeat – their heaviest competitive loss since 1920 – the country’s Facebook activity counted for a quarter of global interactions on the site. There were 16 million active users during the semifinal with 52 million user interactions. It was the most interactions during a World Cup match on the social media platform.

In the demographic results, social media continues to evolve how football fans consume the sporting action. The most active demographic was 18-24 year-old males, ahead of those aged between 25 and 34. Female users appeared third and fourth on the demographic ‘top-five’ in the same age ranking as males.

Brazil did NAZI that coming

However, there were several references to Nazis and Adolf Hitler after Germany’s win that dampened the social media buzz. A Malaysian MP referred to Hitler in a tweet, while in the United States, the term Nazi entered the top trends list as the game reached its climax.

Previously, during the match between the US and Germany in the group stages, 30,209 tweets were recorded with the term ‘Nazi’.

Empire state building worldcup 2014

Empire state building world cup 2014

Will Sunday break more records?

Social media will be prepared for a frenzy of interactions and activity on Sunday, as Germany competes for the crown of world champions. Their opponents could be either the Netherlands or Argentina – two teams, the Germans have fought out historic encounters with before, including the 1990 World Cup final and 1974 in Munich.

The benchmark has been set: 25 million Tweets during the Superbowl in February, 35.6 million tweets during the World Cup semifinal between Germany and the host nation Brazil. It seems inevitable that more records will be smashed as worldwide fans are absorbed by the biggest show in world football.