Let’s face it, there are a couple of things the Germans can do best: Building cars, brewing beer and SOCCER!

Germany’s strike against Brazil during the worldcup 2014 proofed this point and will be into both countries’ football record books.

Brazil vs Germany on Twitter

Social Media usage during and after this epic game will also go into history books. Twitter just confirmed that the game was the most tweeted sporting contest EVER with 35.6 million tweets!

This is smashing the previous World Cup record from the Selecao’s Last 16 match against Chile by more than double.

Germany vs Brazil on twitter

People were going nuts on Twitter when Toni Kroos scored the first of his two goals for Germany. 497,425 tweets were recorded in the space of a minute! That was bettered a minute later with Kroos scoring his second and 508,601 tweets!

For us as a social media marketing agency in Australia, it shows that the adoption of twitter is on the rise and people find it much more convenient to send out a short tweet during sporting events.

Tim Cahill starts international meme during Brazil vs Germany on Twitter

Even the Australians were getting involved. Tim Cahill reacted to Brazil’s loss to Germany, and he looks shocked.

Tim Cahill Worldcup 2014


His hand-over-the-mouth gesture was copied by plenty of other Aussies. Twitter users managed to unearth pictures of Luiz Felipe Scolari, the Brazil coach, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton caught in the action of ‘Tim Cahilling‘.

Barack Obama during the Tim Cahill move



Germany vs Brazil Tim Cahill


More than 1,900 people retweeted Cahill’s original tweet and others were picked up by many media outlets.