A recently published article at the Finanical Times with the title ‘Marketers are all over the shop‘ made us think. Apparently, only a third of marketers believe that their companies are highly proficient in digital marketing, according to a recent survey by Adobe, the software company.

In fact, marketers report being more perplexed than ever before amid the proliferation of media and new technologies, along with growing uncertainty about whether or not digital marketing delivers business results.

Is it really that hard to be up-to-date with new technology, digital ad spaces and navigating a campaign through the world of internet consumers? We don’t think so. Here at Media Bootcamp, we live and breath technologies. This is why we call ourselves ‘digital natives‘!

digital natives


We don’t believe you have to jump on every new technology bandwagon unless it is proven that it will be a game changer. So many new digital channels, social media channels, devices and apps are popping up every day, it might seem all confusing for those who are not familiar with the digital tech landscape. But in reality, the majority of new channels are not suitable for small or even medium sized businesses as they require substantial ad budgets or large consumer databases to have an impact. Unfortunately, only a handful of business on the Gold Coast have in fact a digital strategy. Why is that?

The beauty of a digital strategy, digital marketing and digital advertising is that you can measure the performance of marketing campaigns, from the moment a person first sees an ad until a product is bought. This is why Media Bootcamp emphasised to have a digital strategy in place before you decide through which channels you want to market. You really need to understand how your target audience is behaving in the digital world before you can get in front of them.

social media strategy - Media Bootcamp

No one likes to be hard sold these days. We need to utilise social media channels and digital ads in a way that looks ‘native’ to the consumer. A Pinterest user is different from an Instagram user and a Google Plus user is definitely different from a Facebook user. Certain demographics don’t use social media much at all, but respond very well to email marketing. Or vice versa, younger demographics have an app for everything on their phones but don’t respond to newspaper advertising much.

To find out what works best for your business, you need to spend the time to explore the digital age. Media Bootcamp and Webflow Design are specialised in crafting a digital strategy that will not only suit your business but also will make every marketing dollar spent worthwhile. Talk to us today to find out how a digital strategy will benefit your business!