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In a previous post, we covered how to grow your following on social media channels using 10 simple strategies for consistent growth. We have received an overwhelming response from our readers of the Media Bootcamp blog saying they want to know how exactly you can increase your reach on Facebook.
Facebook leads the way in social sharing, garnering almost a quarter of all sharing on social networks (24%). Engagement is critical to your Facebook Page Reach, and getting the best return on investment of your time and/or marketing budget.

To get your share of shares, you need to know what people want from your Facebook page!

To increase Facebook engagement you need to get to know your target audience first.What is it that your Facebook Fans actually want from you? Majority of Facebook Fans like to get coupons, giveaways, and promotions. That’s simply a fact.
Depending on your industry, your fans or followers might be also interested in industry secrets, tips & advice or simply good entertainment. Think how you can add value to your fans and follower through providing advice.Even if you work in the most boring industry, there surely is something you can pass on to your fans. This should come easy to you as this is the reason why you are in business in the first place – you have skills or knowledge that others don’t have.We have summarised what makes good Facebook engagement in this infographic:
Increase Facebook Engagement

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