Website Redesign & e-commerce solution

We recently redesign the website Iridology Online for Toni Miller, an internationally acclaimed Iridology expert who shares her passion for Iridology with students worldwide. Her old website lasted for 13 years!!! It was about time to redesign it and give it a fresh look. Beside this, the new website features a smart e-commerce solution coupled with an exclusive membership back-end to manage her thousands of students.

2014, will be the last year for Toni Miller teaching face-to-face as she is tired of jetting around the globe 23 weeks of the year. In a next stage, Media Bootcamp will roll out a sophisticated online learning platform, so Toni’s students can continue following their passion and learning about Iridology. Stay tuned for more updates and hit us up if you want to know more about this project.

old website design of iridology online
Iridology Online

Iridology Online

After running her website for 13 years with the same design and functionality, it was time for our client to redesign. The new website has a responsive design, an eCommerce shop, a blog to post articles about the science of Iridology and a sophisticated social media integration which will substitute the former student forum.