You have set up your social media channels already and you also devoted time and effort to build your audience? Well done! But your not finished yet 🙂 Social Media Management is constant work and there is a lot you can optimise to make your marketing strategy work. According to a recent survey among marketers, the number one change in tactics is to post more visual content. This comes with no surprise as the attention spam for social media user is still declining. If you watch yourself using social media, you know that the majority of users is just scrolling through their news feeds. Visual content definitely helps to get your audience’s attention.

With the growth of image-based sites like Pinterest and Instagram, images and photos must play an important part in your content strategy. Although images come naturally to some companies , it doesn’t mean that you should forego images just because your company doesn’t make pretty clothes. Any company can create and share images using apps like PicMonkey and PinWords. Just find a few quotes relevant to your company, make it look pretty and voila! Instantly sharable image.

Marketers also found targeting specific groups, hashtags and users especially important this year. Thankfully, social media has made this task a cinch. It is insanely easy to customise target audiences on Facebook and you also can choose from a plethora of Hashtags. One cool tool we at Media Boocamp use id which is a free service to find relevant hashtags based around a certain keyword. Use your Hashtags wisely as a Hashtag overdose can look pretty ugly in some channels. (Read our article about Hashtag Overdose).

How are you going to optimise your social media content to reach out and engage better with your audience? We love to hear from you!