BEYOND THE HYPE: A No-Nonsense Guide for Making Social Media Work for Your Business

  • The hits and myths of social media – what works, what doesn’t and why.
  • Understand the nuances of the ever-evolving new media landscape – why ‘rushing in’ is the worst thing your business can do.
  • Learn about the real-time challenges of the social web – and what you can do to overcome them.

The A.R.T. of ‘New’ Marketing: How to attract ATTENTION, gain RESPECT and build TRUST in today’s hyper-connected marketplace

  • How to successfully leverage the potential of the social web to build your personal brand and your business.
  • Understand the power of the ‘4 Cs’ Communications Manifesto: Connection > Contribution > Cultivation > Collaboration
  • Keeping it real: why passion, humility and authenticity are the secret marketing ‘weapons’ you need to know about.

WHY CONTENT MATTERS: The ‘secret sauce’ of marketing to today’s connected consumer

  • An introduction to the concept of ‘content-driven communications’ (and why it’s taking the marketing world by storm)
  • Become a ‘multi-dimensional storyteller’: build credibility, authority and visibility for your brand using cost effective, solutions-based content marketing techniques that you control.
  • Learn the secrets of some of the world’s most successful bloggers and global ‘micro-brands’ (and put these ideas to work immediately in your business!).

SOCIAL HEAT: How to generate ‘talkability’ around your brand on and offline

  • Give people a reason to talk about your brand
  • Create ‘talkable differences’ that separate your brand from pack
  • Why helping people is a more effective marketing strategy than simply pushing your brand.