What Our Clients Say

We love our clients and always aim to do the best we can to make them happy. Don’t take our word for it! Our customers are what drive our business and we are humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback they’ve given us over the time we’ve worked together.

I have worked with Sonja continuously over the past with help on various subjects. Sonja helped me to design my website with creativity and search optimisation which brings me happy new clients x

Jeanette Hargreaves, Happy Chakra Yoga

Sonja has been instrumental in helping us create and implement a more engaging social media strategy for our business. She clearly is an expert in all areas of social media and is always staying on top of trends and cutting edge information. If you are looking to create or improve your social media presence, I highly recommend Sonja and Media Bootcamp!

Abby Clemence, Infitive Sponsorship

I have enjoyed meeting with happy, cheerful, smiling Sonja. She helped me set up my social media profile and has provided some amazing professional network connections. I love her enthusiasm and professional approach. Enjoy your connection with her!

Evelyn Douglas, Aquarius Age Yoga

We are utilising Sonja’s services on a monthly ongoing basis, to manage our social media profile and strategy. She is well organised and professional and makes the whole process easy, with everyone thinking I personally have become a social media expert overnight, with the profile that is being created. Ian Grace, Director, IGM Global Pty Ltd, trading as Ian Grace Business Training – www.iangrace.com

Ian Grace, IGM Global Pty Ltd

I was first introduced to Sonja at a breakfast function where she was a guest speaker. Straight away we knew that Sonja was the right person for our company social media criteria. Since liaising with Sonja, her high level of professionalism, attention to detail and outstanding service has proven to be very rewarding.

Michael Lee, Strategic Business Profit Coaching

I have hired Sonja to create a social media platform in Germany for my migration agency firm. I quickly realised Sonja’s social media and web-design and SEO capabilities. She is a bright women and she can be recommended without any hesitation I would recommend her skills to anyone who is looking for a Social Media Marketing professionals with web-designing skills.

Karola Steffi, Australian Immigration Mission

I would tick ALL the boxes if we could!! Sonja is easy to work with…she gets what I want and will do whatever it takes to make it happen! I sigh with relief that I have her to work with…and look forward to it being a loooong association.  We have fun and she breezes through quite convaluted situations … when they come up. She is professional and loves seeing you happy with her work. Having her journo background is such a massive PLUS! This ‘WonderWoman’ ticks all the boxes for me and I thank the Universe for the day we met!!

Cathie Sherwood, Awakening The Waters

Training with Media Bootcamp was fantastic. Sonja was a very easy to understand instructor, who delivered information tailored to our business and staff. We have been able to develop an effective and tailored social media strategy for our business that is effective and can be easily implemented by our team. I would highly recommend Media Bootcamp and Sonja Cerji to anyone looking to use social media to grow or improve their business.

Helen Biddle, Arts & Craft Markets GC

Sonja from Media Bootcamp assisted our community event Eco Challenge Gold Coast facebook page go from 200 likes to nearly a 1000 in a couple of months…need I say more? No I don’t but you can’t stop me 🙂 Sonja is a joy to work with and her passion for what she does is all encompassing. THANK YOU!

Greg Howell, Surfrider Foundation

The first time I ever heard and met Sonja she was speaking at a Business breakfast. She spoke so well and captivated the room!

It was like my social media business and marketing preys had been answered!

From that first meet I’ve taken part in her Pinterest course, Video marketing course, Brand slam course, and the next ones will be the Instagram course and the Word press course which Im so excited to create my Website at!! 😀

I highly recommend all of her courses! Conveniently shorty but jam packed with rich info that will help your business and awareness!!

Phoebe Mitai, Aroha Fitness

Thanks Sonja for saving me money, your support has brought me far more people with far less expenses than traditional marketing!

Your coaching is not only a wise investment for me but also very pleasurable. Looking forward to a long-term relationship!

Birgit Skorka, Reiki Angel

Sonja is very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to social media, there is soo much to learn and she does make it easy to understand.

Tracey Williams, Living Reef Aquariums

Sonja’s events are nothing but 5 star. I suppose what I enjoy most is her willingness to impart knowledge as well as the way she offers incredibly beneficial advice.

Roni Burton, IELTS PRO