The World Cup 2014 on Social Media

At the Media Bootcamp headquarter, the air is filled with tension! We are normally a cool bunch of people but the World Cup changes the office environment drastically. Our international team, consisting of soccer fanatics from Australia, Germany, Spain, Columbia, England, and Canada, has never been as divided as these days firing up their national soccer teams at the World Cup 2014. We eagerly looking forward to some amazing matches like Australia vs. Spain

And while soccer becomes the office topic number one these days, we were asking ourselves, how to you prepare yourself for the World Cup 2014? Our Media Bootcamp soccer correspondent Montse Vega from Spain can explain how to follow the World Cup 2014 via Social Media the most effective way!


The World Cup 2014 on FACEBOOK

Facebook has developed a micro-site  called “Trending World Cup”, where they gather all the conversations users are participating in during the World Cup.

Sporting events will be commented, upcoming matches will be shown, opinions can be exchangedwith other users, matches getting reviewed and the latest results discussed. This will be definitely the most eclectic user generated conten feed around the world cup 2014 on social media.

twitter world cup


The Facebook World Cup 2014 feed comes with an interesting feature called “Fan Map” which allows you to identify where players and their fans are located during the competition.


twitter fan map


“The Ref”, is  Facebook’s Official Guardian of Standards, entertaining the virtual crowd with funny commentaries, videos and updates.


facebook ref

The Wold Cup 2014 on TWITTER

Twitter published a great bunch of tips, accounts to follow and hashtags to use, to make it easier for your to navigate through the World Cup 2014 on Social Media. You can find all of these tips on their company blog

For our Spanish soccer fans, we recommend checking out the hashtag #Mundial2014

If you click on the Timeline section on the left hand site, you will not only be presented with the latest news but also timetables and stats.

twitter world cup


As on 2010, Twitter has relaunched the hashflags for the Worl Cup. Hashflags are hashtags including the flags of each participant. Just use a hashtag with the first 3 letters of your country, such as Shakira does in her latest tweet:



The most popular World Cup hashtags on Twitter as to date can be found on Trendsmap. It’s worthwhile exploring a couple of them as every soccer nation has different preferences.


worldcup hashtags


Our social media community manager Montse will be supporting Spain + Australia. Surprise, surprise 🙂 Who is your candidate? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.