Another week has gone by and although, there was another long weekend in Australia, we still can report some interesting news from the social media universe. As every week, the geeky team of the Media Bootcamp wraps up the tops and flops of the week for you:


Applications connecting simple needs with easy solutions. Chefs and Diners hanging out together through Cookapp! #newapps  #closed-doorsrestaurants #newideas #newyork


The Importance of Reviewing The Impacts of Social Media Campaigns before implementation. The terrible social Media campaign fail of NYPD. #socialmediacampaigns #myNYPD #socialmediafailure

How to keep a “healthy” relationship with your customers through Facebook. Six fundamental tips you must take into account! #facebookforbusiness #boostbrandawareness


Are you a social media addict? If so, you should try the new anti-social media app “Tock”.  #socialmediaaddicts #newapps #anti-socialmedia #tockapp


Implementing a social media campaign locally? Have a look of Facebooks’s new Graph Search for mobiles and how it will impacts your future campaigns. #graphsearchmobiles #facebookforbusiness #socialmediacampaigns


Linkedin has reached 300 million members worldwide, covering over 200 countries and territories.

Malaysians citizens used Social Media to welcome Obama to their country on his visit last week.


Whatsapp, the social messaging service recently bought by Facebook, has reached 500 million users last month.


Pinterest is giving the customer a new search tool in the mobile app called “Guided Search”. It helps you to explore your interests asking with a related keyword.


Now you can travel to the past to see how a place has changed over the years by exploring Street View imagery in Google Maps for desktop.