Pinterest can be a great lead generation and traffic source. But when it comes to pinning, timing is crucial! No matter how great your meme or content is, it’s not going viral if nobody sees it. So, when is the best time to pin on Pinterest?

According to Tailwind, the leading Pinterest Analytics company on the planet 😉 is best timing to pin on Pinterest is between 2pm and 4pm EST and 8pm -1am EST. If you stick to these two time frames you have a very good chance to reach out to the most important time zones, which means those time zones where to majority of Pinterest users are.

How comes that timing has such a crucial effect? First of all, the majority of Pinterest users looks occasionally on Pinterest. Some Pinterest-holics look for hours, others just to find a quick inspiration. If you pin at times when they are online, you are in their face with fresh and new content. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like fresh and new content? It gives the user the impression they found something before anyone else does.

When is the best time to pin on Pinterest?

when is the best time to pin

Apparently, the best days to pin are Thursdays and Saturdays, depending on the topic of content. Scholary infographic are going to be viewed at different times than wedding dresses or inspirational nature pics. As a rule of thumb, keep your target audience in mind. A student has a different schedule than a mother or a business women. If you have segmented your target audience already, it is worth pinning to different times in the day.

There are tools out there who let you schedule your pins and you are able to post them automatically at a certain time on a particular day. Pretty clever, hey? Tailwind has tools like that but they might be a bit pricy. You can start with a free account to check your stats but when you want to use all functionality you really have to weigh up if it’s worth your investment. Check their pricing here

Hopefully, you have a better idea on when is the best timing for pinning on pinterest now. Have anything to share about timing on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments: